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Founded 1984
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1944 Group reunion

A Reunion of Former Pupils of the Dixie Grammar School

A  reunion lunch was held at The Black Horse Restaurant in Market Bosworth in May this year (2016), just across the Market Square from the Dixie Grammar School buildings, of a number of former pupils of the School.

Those attending the reunion  first entered the School over seventy years ago.

The event was begun in 1994 when Jessie Axtell (nee Rigg) whose father when she was at the school was the incumbent of the parishes of Sheepy Magna and Ratcliffe Culey,  arranged the first such event to mark fifty years since her entry to the School.

It was a success, and those attending were pleased to meet up again with those who had been fellow pupils all those years ago.

Some had kept in touch over the years, but many were able to renew friendships from almost half a century ago.

It was decided to hold a similar event in 1996, and the compass of people was enlarged to include  men and women (formerly  school friends) of entry years to the School immediately before and after 1944.  All those who have been concerned knew each other in their years at the School.

Jessie has been the mainspring of its continuing success, succeeding in keeping in touch with known school friends, and over the years locating and contacting even more.

The event has been so much appreciated that it has been held every second year since 1994 up to the present – and the next one in 2018 will be fondly anticipated.

Over the years, the reunion has been held in a number of local restaurants, the local arrangements being made by Brian Hill, once of Newbold Verdon, and Jessie Axtell, who continues to maintain contacts, and find new ones, enabling old friends to relive many happy memories.

The most recent  event numbered twenty two, including three spouses and two daughters of the former pupils.

Those attending have included one or two former teachers, and at the recent event those attending were delighted to tl welcome once again  Mrs. Audrey Simons, who taught at the School as Miss Robinson in the 1940s   

There is no sign of the event ceasing to occur, and everyone is looking forward to the next reunion, which will take place 74 years after entering the School.

Brian Hill