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Founded 1984
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Now I remember!

Towards the end of 2018 several members asked if we had details of this plaque in our Archive. Well of course we have! It’s just that you have to know where to look!

The Archive material available for members to study at our Reunions is vast! There are well over 2000 photographs for example.

Along with these there are copies of many documents relating to the history of the School and its former  pupils.

So, to make things a little easier here are the relevant facts concerning this important plaque.

In 1828 the old school building was in such a dilapidated condition the Governors decided to re-build. This is the building we all know so well located in The Square at Mkt. Bosworth.

A postcard from 1934, from the files of The Hinckley Times.

The translation is recorded as…

“The buildings of this Grammar School founded by Wostan Dixie, Knight, in A. D. 1601 which had collapsed with age, the protectors of the same saw to their restoration AD 1828'.

The Greek text below is a quotation attributed to Menander. “Education is a possession which cannot be taken away from mortal man.“  The school today translates this motto as “A good education is a gift that lasts forever”.

Quoted from the Market Bosworth Town Trail published by the Market Bosworth Society 2009.

The Dixie family Coat of Arms.

Arms: Azure, a lion rampant or, a chief of the last.

Crest: An ounce sejant proper ducally gorged or.

Motto: Quod dixi dixi (What I have said, I have said).